Automated Reporting


Yimelo provides specialist reporting using our extensive library of data exchanges to gather information from data sources relevant to you and produce insights from what’s contained within those sets.

This can be public data, third party data or direct collection from building automation system, Internet of things sensors or shared utility data feeds.

We work with Modbus, LON, Bacnet I2C, HTTP and Ascii text sources to scrape data relevant to you. Our analysis software is then customised for your data set to deliver the information that you need for regular reporting, exception reporting or optimisation.

Our other services can also be integrated to correlate actions to outcomes, such as performance of equipment vs. maintenance interval or routine check interval.

Our reporting systems are never a one size fits all. You are always getting the data you need with a dedicated customer relationship manager to back you up.

Unlock your organisations potential with insights driven by yimelo services.