Essential Service Maintenance records

ESM records without pain

Yimelo’s ESM module is the easiest way to comply with the latest regs for recording ESM worker attendance.

The ESM module is the ideal way to quickly summarise who has worked on your ESM items throughout the year.

ESM workers check in by scanning convenient QR codes, that records their attendance at your sites. The information they provide including their name and company for whom they work, with the phone requesting a location and timestamp that is recorded by your software instance with us.

A cloud deployment and no need for any apps makes this truly Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) friendly software, accessible with any internet enabled device.

At the time of your ESM statement anniversary date, you simply click for a report between dates, with a grouped and summarised provided for your reports naming the companies who have been represented, the activities that have been done and the names of the people who have done them.

This keeps you compliant without a high administration burden, freeing your staff up to do more productive things.