At Yimelo, we work every day because we want to help solve the biggest problem in engineering. Too much stuff is hard. Plant and equipment is hard to use, systems don’t gel, Excel is still considered an acceptable database and Building Automation is still running at 115200 baud.

We want to use engineering principles to help keep simple tasks actually simple.  Things like automating the routine (and the boring…), easy information gathering and making system operation and manual handling a breeze will free up productive effort that is better used for outcomes or simply increasing our time better spent.

At Yimelo, we are passionate about making engineering systems better, cheaper and most importantly greener.

Throughout the history of business, people use data trends over time to make more informed decisions. Our mission at Yimelo is to bring information to life and learn from what it tells us. We provide the easiest, most integrated data & insights in the industry.

Our mission is to make good engineering available to as many people as possible so we’re all on the same page; engineers, tenants, stakeholders, managers & most importantly users.

Because good engineering is something we can all get behind.

Meet the team

David Fulton

David is a systems engineer with a wealth of experience including an appointment at BMW Munich.

David graduated with honours in Engineering from RMIT, and has made a specialty of system design that allows clients to realise potential in their business in a timely, cost efficient manner.

David is one of our sales contacts and will expertly distill the most effective way for you to take advantage of the Yimelo range of tools.  You can contact David via, our contact page.

Antony Howard

Antony has worked in engineering for over fifteen years and specialises in control system design for infrastructure. Antony also develops a substantial portion of Yimelo’s SDIS software, with a keen interest in using data systems to maximise corporate environmental sustainability outcomes.

Antony has a Bachelor of Engineering and a Bachelor of Business from Swinburne University, an A grade electrical license and structured data cabling license.

Antony has extensive industry experience in both large and small business with work on solar projects, reclaimed/recycled water projects, energy efficiency programs, co-generation, tri-generation and HVAC.

Antony also has substantial experience as a building engineer in complex buildings (hospitals).  You can contact Antony via our contact page or visit his linkedin profile.

Eddie Grecco

Eddie has worked in renewable energy industry for over a decade and is an active hands on electrician in the domestic and commercial sector.  Eddie is specialist in the installation of LV sub metering equipment and preparation of systems to integrate with digital data collection systems.

Eddie also has a strong skill set in the identification and design of work and application flows to assist with streamlining and productivity improvement.

Eddie holds an A grade electrical license, structured data cabling license and is an accredited standalone power systems designer and installer.

Eddie’s industry experience includes the installation and control strategy development for over fifty major hybrid and off grid power systems, across both the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors. Eddie has been instrumental as a consultant in the development of a proprietary RAPS (remote area power system)/hybrid power block; an integrated power unit capable of powering a family home charged by solar energy.

Eddie also has extensive experience training other industry professionals in renewable energy systems as well as arduino programming. You can contact Eddie via our contact page.

Taryn Howard

Taryn started her career in the Health and Community Services industry and with over 20 years’ experience in Executive Support, Office Management, Event Management and Customer Service, Taryn understands that customer satisfaction is central to any successful business and prides herself on ensuring a great customer experience for all Yimelo customers and partners.

With a keen interest in simplifying data collection and increased usability of its results, Taryn uses her Administration background to help research and implement the best software strategies that reflect current industry trends. Taryn has significant industry experience in organising and facilitating training programs for staff, developing written resources for software, as well as analysis and research to identify potential improvement pathways.  Taryn also excels at the development of project plans for client implementation and organisation-wide roll out of new systems and procedures.

You can contact Taryn at our contact page.

Andrew Leech

Andrew specialises in software development for embedded systems and provides targeted expertise to projects.

Andrew has a Bachelor of Science/ Bachelor of Engineering from Swinburne University and brings extensive experience from a long engineering career spanning both the medical and renewable energy product development fields.

Andrew brings sessional expertise to Yimelo to assist with projects.