Throughout the history of business, people use data trends over time to make more informed decisions. Our mission at Yimelo is to bring information to life and learn from what it tells us. We provide the easiest, most integrated data & insights in the industry. We aim to make good engineering available to as many people as possible so we’re all on the same page: engineers, tenants, stakeholders, managers & most importantly users.

At Yimelo, we are passionate about making engineering systems better, cheaper and most importantly greener. Our software is user friendly and can be developed quickly to meet your needs. We specialize in software that delivers fast recording and analysis of statutory testing results that are consistent, accurate and repeatable.

We work every day because we want to help solve the biggest problem in engineering. Too much stuff is hard. Plant and equipment is hard to use, systems don’t gel, Excel is still considered an acceptable database and Building Automation is still running at 115200 baud.

We want to use engineering principles to help keep simple tasks actually simple. Things like automating the routine (and the boring), easy information gathering and making system operation and manual handling a breeze will free up productive effort that is better used for outcomes or simply increasing our time better spent.

Yimelo…engineering made simple.

Our Team

After many years working as direct consultants in engineering and sustainability for health we saw a need in the market for software tools that engineering and trade professionals could use to increase their productivity. Our team of engineers and developers offer a unique blend of theoretical knowledge and practical experience that bring to life easy to use software that keeps our clients at the top of their industry.

With broad experience in both national and international projects our team bring the right skills to publish the perfect software solutions for any project, no matter how big or small.

Strengthened by a skilled workforce, tailored software development process and quality control throughout the entire development, Yimelo software modules have delivered years of dependable operation and service to our current clients, and we welcome new clients to put us to the test.