Hardware alarms: display, alert, and call to action!

A key to ensuring that your facility runs correctly is both the ability to detect issues, and the assurance that those issues will be acted upon in a timely fashion.

Acknowledging both those factors is a key part of critical fault response and something we have extensive experience with here at Yimelo using our Internet of Things products and software systems.

Built on the ultra reliable raspberry-pi SOC platform, we have developed a software package that locally sensed, stores and and displays critical data to both a local screen (with audio) and a web-server that incorporates real time notifications of failure in a system to the right person to take action for the fault.

This, coupled with an audible general alarm, best placed in a high traffic area alerts staff or stakeholders to an issue. For critical issues such as high temperatures in refrigerators, high carbon dioxide levels or low pressures in operating theaters an alarm that is very difficult to ignore is configured. Coupled with an e-mailer or SMS gateway to notify nominated responder(s) this system is an effective way to gt to issues before small problems snowball into bigger things.



A an effective VDU+Audible alarm, monitoring critical pressures is most easily displayed by the video that forms part of this post and we encourage you to watch it.


As we specialise in software, w can add/edit/subtract functionality to your needs. This gives us an incredible scope to support our clients who may wish to deploy IOT and IOT by HTTP as part of their offering as well as the ability to develop customised hardware and software applications directly.

Superuser interfaces can be provided via html, however since windows 10 now supports ssh, we have developed a highly secure ssh based interface that is fast, secure and simple, and provides our primary interface.

Administrators and users typically use HTTPS interfaces as these tend to be a little less scary for non technical staff.

As always, we are here to help. If you need a device, some software of simply some advice you can contact us anytime using the contact page: https://yimelo.com.au/index.php/contact/

Or if you need a larger job done, talk to one of our trusted deployment and installation partners and ask them for a quote.