Need a cost-effective solution to oversee your refrigerator cold chain management system?

As health systems get larger and more complex, more fridges require management over a larger area. This makes a simple and easily accessible temperature recording system a high priority for any organization focused on patient safety.

Yimelo’s on site fridge monitoring system provides cost effective oversight and backup to your refrigerator’s cold-chain management system.

Yimelo has developed an effective solution that simply deploys on your existing network infrastructure. It combines all of the necessary attributes for recording, alerting, monitoring and managing exceptions into a low-cost system that can manage any number of fridges from one to 1000.

Features include:

  • Daily Logs, with clickable downloads from a web browser (retained for one year)
  • Out of range alarms (including optional audible alarm)
  • Adjustable temperature and time ranges for minor and major alarms
  • Supervisor mode for dashboard multiple fridges, with “click to display” links to logs and temperatures



Three options are offered:

  1. The basic sensor system that serves temperatures via a network page using wireless internet only,
  2. An intermediate system with cabled network services as well as wireless, and
  3. A deluxe system that has an integrated display for local use at the refrigeration point.

Any controlled temperature environment needs careful management and fast response to ensure any breach in the cold chain does not become a breach in safety or clinical efficacy.

Why not talk to us about your needs and let us help you to make the most of how our refrigerator cold chain management system can help you meet your building and facilities compliance requirements.