Keeping up with Victorian Building Regulations 2018

Registering ESM contractor attendance is easy with QR templates generated for you to place at your ESM sites

In June 2018 new requirements for the Annual Essential Services Maintenance (ESM) Report came into effect. The new reports must still contain the building description and declaration around AS1851-2012, but now the ESM items have further requirements that must be displayed on the ESM declaration.

To comply, statements must now include the name of persons performing the maintenance as well as the company for whom they work, the item on which they worked and the dates on which the works were performed.

This is a fairly tedious requirement and whilst specialist contractor login software is fairly common place (if you want to check out ours it is really good and does not require your contractors to bear a “pay to work” burden – find information here). These systems are mostly about insurance and licensing and don’t set out to keep tabs on your ESM.

A client approached us with a need for a system that does this and this alone and in line with our philosophy of having tools that do one thing and do them well we set about building the most streamlined system possible that saves on administration, seamlessly keeps records and makes the task of reporting ESM contractors as simple as few clicks.

Our solution was a QR based web-app that ESM contractors can scan when they enter a site, independently of where they might sign in or register with reception. This allows the prompt – a flyer containing a QR code and instructions to live in the most convenient location such as next to a fire panel.

We also wanted something that simply gets scanned by any phone – WITHOUT the need for an app so the operator can put their details in and record their presence. Both Apple and Android now support native QR making QR coupled with browser the obvious solution.

With a simple interface asking their name, company and work category we grabbed a timestamp and a location to build a list of people who have worked on the ESM.

From there it was a matter of building a clean and simple interface to neatly summarize the ESM providers between any two dates.

Most importantly, the tool collates this data and satisfies the requirement of recording name, company works and date of the essential service maintenance for use in the ESM statement.

Of course no tool would be complete without an easy way to administer it, so we set about easy site reports and most important of all, easy generation of QR code signage to place at the point of ESM registration.

This tool takes the hassle out of keeping appropriate records, freeing up staff to manage day to day tasks that help you get more from your buildings

We’re really happy with what we’ve done and are looking forward to sharing it with both new and existing customers.

To learn more email Antony as we currently have an extremely competitive offer to help people get compliant as soon as possible.