Excel Application for online data submission

Recently Yimelo was asked to develop a tool on a particularly tight budget that would be safe, acceptable to a wide range of our client’s stakeholders and automatically process and transpose user data into a wider database system that was incumbent to our client. Pictured is what we came up with. It’s a Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) implementation that uses excel as it’s “interpreter” allowing us to treat the relationship between VBA and Excel much like the relationship between Python and the Python interpreter.

The system itself takes entries and looks up values to determine the deemed weight of waste for use in environmental data systems. Once collated, either line by line or in bulk the system then re-configures the diverse data into an acceptable form for the parent database system and sends it via comma separated values (CSV). Interesting to this project was the requirement for human intervention in the transmission process to ensure that data was never transmitted without explicit user interaction to avoid the perception of anything nasty in the code. We turned this project around very quickly (within a couple of weeks) and the system has proven to be a successful, flexible way to provide data integration in a flexible manner to a larger, more rigid system that does not cope with disparate feed-in data very well.

As many of our clients use excel as a matter of course, this project is just one example of you Yimelo can help you unlock the power of your existing business tools to achieve things that you might not have thought possible. Excel spreadsheets that act like native windows applications are just one of the possibilities the Yimelo team can bring to your next project or workflow problem. to learm more: contact us